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Sunday, July 10, 2011

transformers tix FREE

hubby, lil danish and me enjoying this
special event by TM as an appreciation. to TMW customer. yg best nya, its free. sgt worth it.

bukan satu tux je tau, but each customer can bring their whole family. klu yg ada anak 5 tu dptla 7 tix FREE. bila event2 tuk customer ni la staff boleh menyelit ;)

each tix plak dpt coupon to exchange with foods (mineral water, pop corn and. 1901). yummy....

and each tix dpt souvenir transformers keychain yg nice!

p/s: pic tk leh taruk lebih lak ngan iBLogger ni

finally, transformers is superb best plus tmbah best coz everything is free :) thanx TM, sgt bertuah bekerja dgn TM dan amat puas ati jd warga TM.

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