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Friday, July 23, 2010

Funny Vacation Contest

Come and join d exciting contest named Funny Vacation Contest
bought to you by

Winner is based on the funniest pic and story.
There'll be only one prize which is RM200 in cash which will be transferred into the winner's account.
The winner will be posted in my entry when the result is out, so then I can contact you on the details.
for more details CLICK here

my funny vacation as below
this picture is taken on our HONEYMOON trip to Jogjakarta. We have been visiting Borobudur Temple as a part of honeymoon day trip.

so, the funny part of this photo is when we are told to try touch something inside the hole.
by referring to its history,

"Barang siapa yang dapat menyentuh patung (actually not very sure what is that) so make a wish, so that it will come true... so hubby and me dipaksa memaksukkan tangan dalam lubang tu untuk sentuh patung tersebut oleh Indonesian (cameraman)"

this action is actually taken in candid, tengok lah sampai membontot2 saya nak raba benda dlm tu.... tu pun tak sampai-sampai gak tangan saya. al-maklumlah...saya nih rendang org nya (rendah)

Dialog bersama photographer:

saya ---> tak dpt sentuh pun pak.........

cameraman ----> mana...... bisa... kedalam lagi tangan mu

hubby ---> saya cangkung je da dpt sentuh la pak.... isteri saya ni pendek tangannya

***duss....... hubby ku ini

(terjadi la peristiwa membontot2 and my hubby da sampai mengcangkung sambil tergelak-gelak)

tak kisah la siapa nak tgk aksi tut***tut***tutttt.... saya tu, saya tetap curious nk tau what inside (bukan la percaya but nak tau gak).

akhirnya, i manage to touch the juz a stone statue, nothing special but i feel so relieved when managed to touch it after bertungkus-lumus memanjat stone itu and membuat aksi 18sx.... he he he.....

Everytime, hubby and me tgk photo ni, kami akan gelak bersama-sama..... maybe dalam hati hubby ku ' teruk gak perangai bini ku ini, baru la aku tau'


ha ha ha

so....ini lah the best and funniest vacation/honeymoon saya

kawan-kawan macam mana?

kalau ada, jom la join contest ni


  1. me singgah tgk entry :)
    salam ziarah dari nottingham UK

  2. penganjur tumpang lalu...thanks for joining the contest yer!actually dah singgah sini and tinggal komen lama dah, but heran sungguh takde pulak, luckily cakap :)
    best nyer travel obersi *grin* and gambar berdua tu sungguh...errrr...hahahahhaha...boleh membuatkan org salah sangka...hihihihihi...
    good luck yer!


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